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I travel worldwide to take care of my clients. With my 12 years of experience, I am able to ensure the best long-lasting makeup and hairstyles in any conditions & climate. Whether you are having your events & photos done in hot and humid Tanzania or in cold and rainy London, you can let me handle it without having to worry about how it looks in your pictures.

Disha, at her Indian destination wedding

in Zanzibar, Tanzania

With my team of skilled hair and makeup artists from the fashion industry, I am able to accommodate large wedding parties in a minimum of time.

Last minute add-ons and change are accomodable thanks to our flexible team.

Styling celebrities, influencers and private clients in the comfort of their hotels during Paris Fashion Week.

Aimee Song @songofstyle

for Chloé Fashion Show

Thank you Allison for making our wedding beautiful and being a warm and calm person when the wedding nerves got me;)

We are forever grateful!

Hege Damaris Kvam

Sweden / June 2015

Capture d’écran 2015-08-06 à

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